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We provide business intelligence products tailored to the needs of the companies around the eSports and the Livestream scene.

Esports is a rising topic in games & digital media right now. Our visually appealing reports are as intuitive as they are insightful, providing actionable intelligence in a format that is easy to understand at a glance.

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  • Aggregated data of games to measure and evaluate the impact of campaigns.
  • Amount of hours streamed
  • Average time watching time per viewer
  • Audience reached
  • Game genres & publishers
  • Streamers Influencer
  • Hours streamed
  • New followers/subscribers gained
  • Views
  • Chat messages and analytics
  • Time watched by viewers
  • Primary Game Played
  • Total Air Time over any selected time period
  • Chat Storage
esports business
Top weekly streams
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Channel Analytics | Imaqtpie
esports business
Game Analytics | Overwatch
  • Peak Concurrent Viewers during a set time period
  • Average Concurrent Viewers during a set time period
  • Total Hours Streamed
  • Total Hours Watched
  • New Followers
  • New Views (impressions)
  • Total number of chat messages during the set time period
  • Total number of chat participants
  • The platform can deliver a report on how many times a specific word or words were chatted during the set time period (i.e.“Verizon”)
  • Know who were the top chatters during the event, their level of engagement, and peak audience time
  • Every language that was spoken in chat during the time period
  • Tournament host, event organizers, brands etc have the ability to compare before, during, and after the preset time period analytics
  • Level of engagement and growth from previous time periods and what caused the spike
  • Peak times of engagement for streamers allowing for a more efficient campaign
  • Historical comparison of previous tie periods for growth
  • The “Twitch Share” of viewers watching the event (% of total views on Twitch who watched the event)
  • Real time and historical data on every game being played on Twitch
  • Peak viewers at any given time
  • Average viewers over a defined period
  • Peak number of channels of the game being streamed
  • Average number of channels
  • Total time streamed during a defined period of time
  • Time watched during a defined period of time
  • Who is playing every game, and all the data on each of these players
  • How long they are playing
  • How many peak and concurrent viewers they have during each session
  • Total time played
  • Total time watched
  • Every other game they are playing
  • Total time each of these games are being played
  • How many followers are gained or lost during any gaming sessions
  • What was the peak number of viewers a team had during a broadcast
  • What was a team’s average number of viewers during all broadcast (during that timeframe)
  • How many new followers were gained (or lost)
  • How many total hours were streamed
  • How many total hours were watched 
  • How many all time followers does the team have on a real time basis
  • How many all time views does the team have on a real time basis
  • All metrics related to each member of a team
  • What games are adding the most value to a team/players viewership performance
  • How many viewers a player/team gained or lost at any point of time
esports business
Sponsor Analytics
esports business
Publisher Analytics
esports business
Team Analytics


  • Twitch Intelligence
  • Mixer Intelligence
  • SmashCast Intelligence
  • Youtube Gaming Intelligence
  • Detailed Twitch channel data
  • Ad Manager *Beta
  • Publishers Analytics *Up on request
  • Chat Analytics *Up on request
  • Detailed Viewership Analytics *Up on request
  • Keyword Searcher *Up on request
  • Export data
  • Sales and Technical Support 24h


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