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Elden Ring audience has highest overlap with Lost Ark

graph of audience overlap between elden ring and other games on live streaming for February, 2022

Elden Ring, one of the most-hyped game releases so far this year, has created headlines in its first two weeks. It hit over 950K peak Steam players in the first few days, and over a million peak concurrent viewers on streaming platforms. Stream Hatchet has taken a look at its live streaming popularity and the games it overlaps with the most:

  • Elden Ring shares 31% of its Twitch audience with another recently released title, Lost Ark. One reason for this could be that two of Lost Ark’s top streamers last month, Asmongold and Fextralife, have also played Elden Ring since its release. Asmongold had an average concurrent viewership of about 133K while playing Lost Ark last month. He had about half of that number at 65K while playing Elden Ring.
  • Other newly released titles, including Sifu, Horizon Forbidden West, and Pokemon Legend: Arceus, were all released within about a month of Elden Ring, making them popular for larger streamers to try. Channels with large followings like xQcOW, Lirik, and 풍월량 (hanryang1125) don’t specialize in one game or type of game. They tend to try new releases and garner huge audiences.

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