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Teamfight Tactics Reaches Highest Weekly Viewership

A relatively new video game genre has risen in popularity lately: auto battlers. An auto battler is a strategic, chess-like game where players place characters on a grid-like battlefield during a preparation phase. Then, the characters battle enemies during a battle phase without any direct input from the player. Teamfight Tactics has been the predominant auto battler since its release in 2019. With the launch of the latest set (character update) for TFT, the game has now eclipsed its highest ever weekly viewership. So, should brands be looking at TFT as a promising opportunity to reach a different category of the video game audience?

  • The Set 6 release week generated 13% more hours watched than Set 5 and 158% more than Set 5.5
  • Riot Games, the developer/publisher of Teamfight Tactics, have created the game using the same characters from their MOBA title, League of Legends. Producing multiple titles with familiar characters allows Riot Games to expand on their growing universe and create affinity within their broader community. The Riot Games universe will likely continue to grow, generating parallels to something like the Marvel universe in the movie industry.
  • Brands looking to target strategic, intelligent gamers might want to consider Teamfight Tactics as content during campaigns. And, of course, the best time to activate would be during new set launches when viewership is peaking.

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