Channels, games, publishers, tournaments, teams, reports, brand impact, chat analytics. Cutting edge insights. Track all the data, and get the insights you are looking for in the world of esports game streaming.


Find the channels you're looking for!

Get lists of channels by games played, languages, followers, mature content and other criteria across multiple platforms. Access two years of historical game streaming intelligence in Twitch.
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Sort your results by the modern broadcasting metrics

You can organize your results by different metrics such as Hours Watched, Average Concurrent Viewers, Peak Concurrent Viewers, Followers, Views, and Airtime

Increase your understanding of a broadcasting channel

Analyze viewership and engagement over time, monitor the streaming behavior of the channel and further features.
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Games and Sessions

Discover the games played, the channel sessions and analyze the info by different provided metrics.

Evaluate the information by graphs

You can evaluate the channel viewership, airtime distribution, views, followers, and comprehend the evolution over time.

Past sessions calendar

Track the data of any past session and get all the information you're looking for.
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Analyze viewership data in real time and past sessions: followers gained and lost, registered viewership, chat engagement, top topics and emoticons, log activity and more. On top, you will find a full set of analytics and insights of any date range.

Monitor and analyze your streaming teams

Monitor the most famous esports and influencers teams. You can also, create your team by adding the members you want to analyze.
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Compare the members of a team

Evaluate the team members sorting by the column you want to analyze.


Analytics on games using multiple filters

Search for different games applying filters such as Publishers, Game Genres, Platforms. Obtain the metrics data in any time frame you want.
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Top channels of each game

Analyze the metrics of the top 10 channels, the overall metrics of the game and also additional useful information about the game.

Publishers analytics

Get the metrics data and the most played games of each publisher using the calendar filter to select the time frame you desire.
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Platform-wide game analytics

Analyze any game using the game viewership, the total number of streaming channels and game metrics such as the average concurrent viewers, average channels, hours watched.
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Chat messages searcher

Search for chat messages by filtering the channels, games played and languages, e.g., Find during the last week the messages that contain "intel" in any stream, playing Overwatch and in English.
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Streaming platforms comparison

Analyze the KPIs of the different streaming platforms. Know which platform has more streaming channels or which one had the peakest concurrent viewers. That and much more here.
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Esports tournaments

The biggest esports tournaments here. Compare esports tournaments stats like never before. Sort and filter them. Obtain curated stats of each tournament.
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Detailed tournament

Find any streaming stat of a tournament. We manually select the channels from where the tournament was broadcasted. You will get stats per each channel as well as per phases.

Brand impact analytics

Brand impact data to provide context to the most successful brands on Twitch.
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Stream Hatchet report generator

You can generate a report by channels, games, teams or platforms. You can select a customized time frame and choose the analytics you want in the report, such as general stats, viewership graph, chat stats, subscriptions, games played and much more.
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Export feature (CSV)

Much of the data on the website is exportable to a CSV file.

Top stats

You can find the top stats metrics in tournaments, channels, and games. It gives an overview of the most important KPIs.

Filters applied

This type of generic data appears in channels and games. It shows the difference between the total numbers in the platform and the filtered data.

Search by time frame

Frame the stats at your desired time frame. Stream Hatchet allows you to query any date range you want.

Metrics data and streaming platforms colors

Each platform and metric has its color to ingest the numbers better.

Sortable tables

When you see a table, you can sort it by any of its columns. It gives the ability to sort not only for the rows that you can see but for the entire list. Maybe the channel with the most airtime is not among the top channels by hours watched.