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API + Data Integration

API & Data Integration

Stream Hatchet’s API & Data Integration services are designed to seamlessly connect you with the live streaming data you need to power your strategies and decisions.

Join hundreds of companies already growing with Stream Hatchet solutions

The Possibilities are Endless

Custom solutions to integrate our data into your product, or leave the hard work to us. We'll make dashboards tailor-made to your needs for easy access and analysis.

All Major & Minor Platforms

Access up to 16 major live streaming platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, AfreecaTV, Kick, and more, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your analytics needs.

Hundreds of Endpoints Available

Enable detailed queries on viewership, engagement, stream metrics, and influencer performance.

Dedicated Account Management

We provide you with the support needed to integrate and utilize our API effectively for your business needs.

Attribution Data

Track the performance of your campaigns and the conversions they generate. Precise data to understand the ROI of your streaming initiatives.

First-Party Analytics

Integrate your first-party data into our custom dashboards - like Shopify store conversions, form fills, or clicks - to get the most accurate attribution.

Much more...

We can customize our data integration and APIs to your business needs. Drop us a line to get started.

Custom Data Integrations to Fit Your Business

Leverage the full potential of streaming analytics in real-time, enhancing your campaigns, content, and audience engagement strategies. Custom reporting solutions and integrations available for teams of any size.

Why us?

We Care About Your Success

At Stream Hatchet, our clients come first. Flexible solutions for all business types.

Flexible Solutions

Integrate our data into your systems or integrate your first-party data securely into our products to receive custom dashboards in your Stream Hatchet account.

The Most Accurate Data on the Market

Minute-level granularity data for 16+ live streaming platforms, audience demographics, social data, and more to give you the most accurate reporting available on the market.

Dedicated Support Channels

Our dedicated support team will assist you in creating custom solutions and provide ongoing maintenance for your products every step of the way.

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