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Custom Reports

Custom Reporting Solutions for Strategic Decision-Making

At Stream Hatchet, we have a variety of custom reporting solutions tailor-made to fit your business needs. Our team of analysts will provide you with in-depth analytics and actionable insights for your use case to drive strategic decisions for your campaigns. Don’t see a report you need?
We’ll customize one for you today.

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Tailor-Made Reports for Every Use Case

Work with our experienced data analysts one-on-one to create the perfect reporting solution for your business.

Influencer Marketing Measurement

Identify potential creators who align with your audience and campaign goals, manage your team's performance, and analyze across social platforms.

League & Event Reporting

Track viewer behavior, churn and retention to understand your audience and tailor content. Forecast and schedule events for performance and dive into match data for segment anaysis.

Team Performance

Track your esports team or organization's live streaming and social performance and report on viewership to secure brand sponsorships.

Brand Lift & Sponsorship

Measure your campaigns with audience chat data, logo and speech recognition, viewership data, and more to understand how your brand is tracking.

Competitive & Market Analysis

Get an understanding of the live streaming market with competitive analysis, industry trends, and best practices.

Custom Solutions

We tailor-make every report to your business needs and customize to report on the KPIs that matter to you. Get in touch to start crafting your perfect report.

All-In-One Reporting Solutions

Reports available by PDF or in your custom Stream Hatchet Web Dashboard to easily share across your company and departments. Reporting solutions come with licenses to the Stream Hatchet Web App.

Why us?

Where Data Meets Strategy

Clean, easy-to-understand reports packed with insightful data points, analysis, and insights to power your marketing strategy in the live streaming, gaming, and esports world.

Tailor-made Insights

Every report we make is with our clients in mind. We work with you every step of the way to ensure you're getting the right insights.

Actionable Recommendations

Transform data into strategy with actionable insights and content optimization recommendations from Stream Hatchet analysts.

Dedicated Support

Benefit from expert support and guidance across all plans, ensuring you maximize your Stream Hatchet experience.

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