Luxury Cars Dominate Auto Brand Twitch Chat April 2022

graph of the top auto brands on twitch chat for april 2022. ferrari, mercedes benz, audi, porsche, and chevrolet were the top mentioned brands last month

With the rise of video game live streaming in the last few years, automotive brands have been increasingly active on Twitch and other platforms. Sponsoring Twitch streamers, esports events, and running in-stream branded content can all support a brand’s marketing plan for video game live streaming activations. In turn, viewers turn to Twitch chat to discuss the content, getting more exposure for the brands. Stream Hatchet is taking a look at the top auto brands on Twitch by chat mentions last month.

Last month, luxury car brands dominated the automotive industry Twitch chat, with Ferrari on top at 85k mentions. Ferrari also appeared in chat in the most diverse range of places, with 21k unique channels. 

Mercedes-Benz was second in the top auto brands on Twitch last month with 55k chat mentions across 15k unique channels. Many of these chat mentions were, understandably, made while streamers were playing racing and driving games like Grand Theft Auto V, Forza Horizon 5, and F1 2021. However, many chat messages were sent throughout the month during other categories as well, like Just Chatting, Sports, and other popular non-driving games.

Audi had the third-highest mentions with 44k mentions across 13k channels. In 4th place was Porsche with 40k mentions across almost 10k channels. In 5th place was the only non-luxury car brand, Chevrolet. They received 17k Twitch chat mentions across 7k channels. 


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