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2024 Live-Streaming, Esports, & Social Trends Report

The Next Frontier: Marketing in the Gaming and Streaming World

The gaming and esports industry has always been a harbinger of change, but the “2024 Live-Streaming, Esports, & Social Trends Report” from Gamesquare and Stream Hatchet spotlights how it’s revolutionizing marketing strategies.

Gaming Nostalgia

Nostalgia played its part during 2023, becoming one of the main driver of sales for game releases this year, as seen with Resident Evil 4 Remake and Fortnite OG becoming highly popular games. We predict that for 2024, nostalgia will continue to be an effective selling point in the gaming industry, with important remakes coming our way and “older games” being streamed because of gamers reaching a certain age where they reminiscence their gaming past.

Esports Ascendant

Viewership in esports is booming, with hours watched soaring by 75% since 2020. This isn’t just about people playing games—it’s a culture, with games like “League of Legends” and “Fortnite” leading the pack. The immersive world of esports is drawing in fans, turning virtual arenas into lucrative platforms for brand marketing.

Influencers at the Helm

Creator-driven events are now pivotal, with influencers like Ibai Llanos and Ludwig Ahgren drawing millions to their unique events. The report notes the trend of shorter, high-impact events driving substantial engagement—a strategy that brands are keen to adopt.

The Metaverse: A Marketing Utopia

Fortnite is not just a game; it’s a metaverse—a microcosm where brands like Nike can create experiences that are as engaging as they are innovative. These virtual spaces are ripe for marketing, providing a canvas for creative and immersive brand campaigns that resonate particularly well with the younger, digital-native audiences.

Performance Marketing: The New Metric

The report highlights a shift towards performance marketing, with a direct measurement of ROI in the digital space. Interactive platforms allow brands to measure engagement and conversions in real-time, optimizing campaigns on the fly—a far cry from traditional media’s broad-stroke approach.

Our 2024 live-streaming trends report explains that the gaming and streaming ecosystem is evolving into a fertile ground for brand marketing. As brands harness the power of influencers and immersive platforms, we’re witnessing the dawn of a new era in advertising—one that’s interactive, engaging, and measured in real time.

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