#Ads of the Week: alanzoka, Nmplol, & Mizkif

Tl;dr: Gillette and alanzoka were back on top in the latest #Ads of the Week while Nmplol and Mizkif were close behind thanks to Brave and The Ridge.
#Ads of the Week: June 14-20, 2021

The latest #Ads of the Week features three very unique, non-endemic brands working with some of the top streamers. Brazilian streamer alanzoka once again claims a spot on the list with his continued partnership with the Gillette Gaming Alliance. The campaign aims to promote Gillette products with limited time offers only available to those in partnered streams. Additionally, Gillette is using influencer marketing to build custom product bundles. Similar to what G FUEL is widely known for, Gillette has started to create products bundles tied to streamer names. The option to “Get DrLupo’s Look” or “Shave like Deejay” is a tactic to get more involved with the gaming community.

OTK members secured both of the next two spots in the latest #Ads of the Week. OTK is a popular streamer group on Twitch with members like Asmongold, Esfandtv, Nmplol, Mizkif, and more. This week, Nmplol held a sponsored stream with Brave, a privacy focused web browser. Designed to automatically block advertisements and website trackers that other browsers may not protect against, Brave has made a splash in recent months. Running campaigns on Twitch reaches a tech savvy audience that are likely heavy web browser users. In a world where privacy seems limited, giving that peace of mind back to large audiences seems like a no-brainer. Leveraging Twitch and OTK is the perfect solution to extend Brave’s reach and engagement.

Lastly, Mizkif worked with The Ridge to promote their Ridge wallet. While Mizkif’s content sometimes seems to be random, his platform is great for simple product promotions. Mizkif’s constant conversations with chat provide seamless entry points for brands looking to get involved. Combined with a trend of fiscally literate audiences on live streaming platforms and The Ridge found the perfect opportunity to extend their reach via Twitch.

alanzoka x Gillette
  • The 4-hour sponsored stream generated over 104K hours watched with a peak of almost 31K viewers.

Nmplol x Brave
  • Nmplol’s 4-hour sponsored segment reached 101K hours watched while also reaching a peak of over 30K viewers.

Mizkif x The Ridge
  • Mizkif had the highest average viewership during his 2.5-hour sponsored stream with over 37K viewers.

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