NICKMERCS secured the top two spots this week while Rubius followed closely behind in third.

With three sponsors over two streams it’s only fitting that NICKMERCS once again claimed the two most popular sponsored segments last week. The first comes from a stream in which both G FUEL and NZXT were activating campaigns – both endemic companies who have had great success working with NICKMERCS in the past. The second place stream was solely a Twisted Tea segment but the partnership between the beverage company and NICKMERCS has appeared on the #Ads of the Week series previously as well. Brands continue to work with Nick as we constantly see recurring campaigns which indicates the likelihood of successful ROIs for those leveraging his audience. Lastly, Rubius teamed up with FUSER, a digital music festival game that allows players to create and share mixes they’ve put together. FUSER may be able to generate a substantial fanbase on streaming platforms considering the popular crossovers between streaming, gaming, and music as of late.


  • The duel-sponsored stream reached a peak audience of about 55K viewers while generating over 221K hours watched

NICKMERCS x Twisted Tea

  • The three hour Twisted Tea segment produced an average audience of 54K viewers resulting in 179K total hours watched

Rubius x FUSER

  • The two-hour stream reached the highest peak and average audience on the list with 77K and 70K viewers respectively. In total, the segment generated 139K hours watched.