Little Hope, Old School Rune Scape, and NFL Thursday Night Football topped last week’s sponsored segments.

French musician and streamer Squeezie came out on top last week for the #ad with the most hours watched. He had a 6 hour session playing Little Hope, the newest interactive story game from Bandai Namco. The segment was a playthrough to generate awareness for the game while showcasing the unique features of choosing the path of the story. Asmongold finished in second after joining the Old School RuneScape developers for a sponsored stream. It was Asmongold’s first time playing OSRS which caught of lot of people’s interest to see his first reaction to the popular MMO RPG. Lastly, TimTheTatman streamed another Thursday Night Football between the Falcons and Panthers. It’s likely this sponsored stream would have done better if the two teams playing were in better standings in the NFL but it still did enough to earn third place last week.

Squeezie x Little Hope

  • Squeezie played Little Hope for the entire 6 hours stream which produced 214K hours watched with an average audience of 37K viewers.

Asmongold x Old School RuneScape

  • Asmongold ventured away from World of Warcraft to play OSRS for the first time resulting in 117K hours watched and reached a peak of 61K viewers.

TimTheTatman x NFL Thursday Night Football

  • Tim made the list for the NFL Thursday Night Football stream once again. This time, he generated 67K hours watched and an average audience of 21K.