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Alan Wake 2 Sees First Weekend Live-Streaming Success

A decade after its initial release, Alan Wake, the title from 2010, has made a grand re-entrance into the gaming world. Following the 2021 remastering of the original game, Remedy Entertainment was ready for another take, and fans eagerly anticipated what was coming. Their wait ended and, boosted by Epic Games as the publisher, Alan Wake 2 was released on October 27th, 2023.

The horror genre, known for its immersive and pulse-pounding experiences, adds a layer of intrigue to any game release. But Alan Wake 2’s timing was impeccable. Released just days before Halloween, it benefited from the spooky season’s vibe. Gamers worldwide were seeking thrilling experiences, and the horror game, with its deep narrative and suspenseful gameplay, was ready to deliver.

Metrics from its initial days reflect its booming success. The game’s popularity was evident among top streamers, with Spanish creator Illojuan reaching close to 40K viewers during the first 3 days of release.

But the most telling indicator of its success? On release day, Alan Wake 2 managed to surpass the highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in hours watched. While Spiderman 2 raked in an impressive 1.9 million hours on its first day out, Alan Wake 2 went a notch higher, capturing 2.2 million hours.

This feat not only speaks volumes about Alan Wake’s legacy but also highlights the undying love of fans for quality horror experiences. As Halloween comes closer, one can only imagine how many more players will get lost in the haunting world of Alan Wake 2.

Horror games released days before Halloween? We can only predict good numbers.

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