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Cold War Launch, NICKMERCS x G FUEL, PS5 Launches

  • The launch of Cold War reached about 638K peak viewers beating the previous two titles during each of their launch weekends.
  • In addition to the successful release of Cold War, Call Of Duty still generates massive viewership for their Warzone game mode originally from the Modern Warfare title. However, the made will also be compatible with Cold War making the value of the new game that much higher.
  • Twitch streamer NoahJ456 generated the highest peak for an individual channel over launch weekend with over 115K viewers tuning in to see his “zombies” game mode stream.

Top Growing Titles:

  • Minecraft climbed into the top three categories with a 17% increase of hours watched to reach 36M overall.
  • PUBG Mobile grew 7% as more viewers may be interested now that India will be unbanning the game.
  • GTA V was the only other game to increase its market share with about a 1% growth in hours watched.


  • The sponsored segment generated 164K hours watched over the 5 hour stream.
  • G FUEL’s relationship with NICKMERCS continues to dominate #ads – this time with an average audience of 33K viewers.
With the release of the PlayStation 5, there was plenty of hype around the console exclusive titles. Upon launch of the PS5, Demon’s Souls and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales became clear favorites and had generated peaks of 290K and 352K, respectively. Combined, the two games reached over 15M hours watched within the first week of PS5’s lifecycle. Although Demon’s Soul and the latest Spider-Man game were the most popular, Astro’s Playroom and Bugsnax produced a decent amount of viewership as well – totaling over 1M hours watched. As more titles are released for the PlayStation 5, expect a few titles to reach massive viewership from all the playthroughs on streaming platforms.

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