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Streaming Showdown: Just Chatting Tops Netflix’s Heavy Hitters

The world of live streaming has thrown a curveball in the race for viewers’ attention.

 Netflix has released data on their most watched pieces of content for the first half of 2023. We are comparing it to live streaming data on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Kick, and Facebook Gaming. 

Here is a comparison we did in 2021 based on the first 28 days of the top content on Netflix back then vs viewership during September 2021.

Based on this comparison, we can see the huge growth Just Chatting has had in the past two years. The popular category went to number 1 after being 2 places below two popular movies on Netflix.

A New Leaderboard Champion on Live Streaming

Topping the leaderboard in hours watched is the popular category, Just Chatting, with a staggering 1.6 billion hours watched. With the trendy new platform Kick, Just Chatting went over the top, while streamers from other platforms also started their own channels on the green platform. Moreover, a popular trend among streamers called Subathons were, and continue to be, meta on live streaming platforms today.

A Subathon is a tactic by which creators continuously broadcast during a period of time to gain subscriptions from viewers. A highlight of the subathons during the 1st half of 2023 is Kai Cenat’s Mafiathon, where the creator streamed continuously from February 1st to March 2nd. Moreover, Kai broke 2 important records on Twitch, most hours watched by a single channel in a month with 43M, and most active subscribers with 306K.

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