Top Anime Titles in Twitch Chat Feb 2022

top anime titles mentioned in twitch chat february 2022

Anime and video game audiences have historically always had a large amount of overlap. According to Interpret, anime viewers are 1.5x more likely to be weekly PC/Console gamers than non-viewers. The anime and video games industries have influenced each other for years, so understanding what gamers and live streaming audiences are talking about is important for understanding how these audiences overlap.

Here are the top 10 mentioned anime titles in Twitch chat for February 2022:

1st: Pokemon – 2,3000,000

2nd: Naruto – 391,000

3rd: One Piece – 240,000

4th: Attack on Titan – 217,000

5th: Demon Slayer – 202,000

6th: Dragonball Z – 192,000

7th: Bleach – 134,000

8th: My Hero Academia – 51,000

9th: Death Note – 49,000

10th: Jujutsu Kaisen – 48,000

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