Top Esports Organizations February 2023

NRG was February’s most watched esports organization generating 17.1M hours watched. 

NRG generated the bulk of their watchtime from their content creators; 12.5 of NRG’s 17.1M hours watched were from live streaming creators. However, thanks to their strong performance during the Valorant Champions Tour: Lock//In, they were able to reach the #1 spot for February. 

Besides G2 and TSM, all other organizations in the Top 10 last month competed in the VCT: LOCK//IN. The tournament generated 31.6M hours watched in February alone with NRG leaving as the most watched organization with 4.4M hours watched before the playoffs started in March. Fnatic ended up taking home the $100,000 grand prize on March 5; prior to the playoffs they generated 3.1M hours watched during their matches. 

[During the finals weekend in March, Fnatic and Loud generated between 7 and 8M hours watched each; however these numbers are not reflected in our February top chart].

G2 was the org with the most esports hours watched in February; 8.9M of their 12.2M hours watched in February were from esports events. The major events that G2 participated in were the LEC Winter Season where they generated 2.9M hours watched, and the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice, where they generated 5.4M hours watched and took home the grand prize of $400,000.

On the other end of the spectrum, TSM had the highest percentage of creator hours watched on the leaderboard. TSM generated a majority of their watchtime from Twitch streamers TSM_ImperialHal and pokelawls who generated 2.4M and 1.5M hours watched, respectively. 

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