#Ad of the Week: 1/27–2/3

Tl;dr: 505 Games, NZXT & Blizzard

The end of January brought major sponsored campaigns from brand endemic to the gaming space. As an update to our series, we will be removing any of the Epic Games Support a Creator codes in all future rankings lists, as we feel they are not true brand sponsored segments.

With that aside, here are your top three:


505 Games and fextralife, a community news show generated 69k hours watched across a 2 hour long stream. The activation focused on the release of the publishers new title, Journey to the Savage Planet. While its standard for news shows to run sponsored content pieces like this, Fextralife brought extra value through live streaming. Its community could interact with the advertiser and brand in real time to learn more about the product, vs a static article.

DrLupo comes in at #2 with 51k hours during his stream for NZXT. The streamer has been partnered with NZXT for a good amount of time now, and it is to no surprise that NZXT does a sponsored campaign with him with the new launch of their Kraken Z series. Brands sticking with partners they are already working to promote new products usually end up working. When viewers know a streamer is loyal to a brand, the chances of them buying that product is most likely high.

In third, 풍월량 (hanryang1125) generated 45k hours watched promoting the new Warcraft III Reforged. With the recent release of Reforged, Blizzard turned to several partners to generate hype and engagement for their new title. With Blizzards international appeal, it’s not surprising that a Korean streamer tops our list.