TL;DR: State Farm, Call of Duty, and Bounty partnered with top battle royale streamers to grow reach and leverage viewership of their target audiences.

While Call of Duty has been one of the top AAA titles for over a decade, non-endemic brands like State Farm and Bounty have also been able to make the top #Ads of the Week. Although market research has obviously taken place for these companies to partner with streamers that would provide extensive reach, the future of these partnerships will likely change to be more dynamic than a simple stream title change. However, throwing a #partner seemed to work fairly well on the channels of NickEh30, Symfuhny, and Bugha.

NickEh30 x State Farm

  • Through a charity stream with donation commands, NickEh30 was able to raise about $16k for American Red Cross with help from the State Farm partnership.
  • The stream lasted about 2 hours but generated a total of 132k hours watched with an average audience of just under 61k viewers, the highest average concurrency on the list.

Symfuhny x Call of Duty

  • With over 900 wins in Call of Duty’s Warzone game mode, Symfuhny is the perfect streamer for Activision to sponsor for their linchpin title. Symfuhny was streaming Warzone for 3.5 hours with #CODpartner in his title as he racked up even more wins.
  • The sponsored stream had an average of 15k people tuned in while total hours watched reached 53k.

Bugha x Bounty

  • Bugha held a Bounty sponsored stream as he cleaned up the Fortnite competition over the course of 3 hours. The stream also featured various Bounty commercial mid-rolls as well as a few Bounty products on Bugha’s face cam.
  • In total, the #ad generated 47k hours watched with an average audience of around 14k viewers.