#Ads of the Week: ludwig, GTAWiseGuy, & Mizkif

Tl;dr: The top sponsored segments were led by ludwig in partnership with Americas Cardroom during the 15-day subathon.
AOTW 3-29

The latest #Ads of the Week features ludwig still bringing in big viewership for brands during his subathon. The streamer now has the most subscribed to channel on Twitch. Currently on 15 days of continuous streaming, ludwig doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon. While it may cause some inconveniences for him, the growth of his channel and opportunities for brands is elite. This week, the most watched sponsored segment on his stream was with Americas Cardroom (ACR), an online poker site. A streamer that needs new ideas for content partnering with a fast-paced, high-stakes gambling site is ideal. Viewers get to watch unique gameplay and ludwig is able to interact with chat while playing. If ludwig’s subathon is still ongoing next week, expect him to once again hold a top spot in #Ads of the Week.

GTAWiseGuy was close behind in second after a sponsored stream with Incent, a rewards tech company for streamers. The segment allowed viewers to earn real money by entering a code that appeared on stream into the Incent site. The system works on blockchain in an attempt to further monetize viewership for creators. GTA V is also an extremely popular game as of late creating an even better opportunity for both the streamer and brand.

Lastly is another charity event hosted by Mizkif. The same campaign from last week in partnership with Compare Insurance, Games For Love, and Softgiving. Once again, the charity event raised about $600K for video games and consoles for children’s hospitals. The event also had giveaway incentives of a PS5, Nvidia GeForce 3090 graphics card, and more. Continuing to hammer home incentives to drive viewership and engagement is key for consistent growth and campaign ROI. The Games For Love, Compare Insurance, and Softgiving trio are providing the blueprint for other brands to work with content creators, especially since it’s for a great cause.

ludwig x Americas Cardroom
  • The poker segment on ludwig’s stream generated 103K hours watched with a peak of 57K viewers in 2 hours.

GTAWiseGuy x Incent
  • GTAWiseGuy only averaged 7K viewers but the stream lasted for over 15 hours resulting in 101K hours watched.

Mizkif x Compare
  • Mizkif’s charity stream produced 100K hours watched with a peak of 34K viewers.

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