#Ads of the Week: ludwig, shroud, & TimTheTatman

Tl;dr: The top #Ads of the Week led by ludwig, shroud, and TimTheTatman in partnership with Bose, AT&T, and Herman Miller.
#Ads of the Week - 4/12/21

The latest #Ads of the Week featured some of the biggest names on Twitch. Streamers ludwig, shroud, and TimTheTatman all generated over 135K hours watched on each of their sponsored segments. The viral subathon on ludwig’s channel has become an optimal marketing spot for brands. Both endemic and non-endemic companies have taken advantage of the continued, massive viewership the event has brought. Most recently, Bose became a sponsor of ludwig and announced the partnership via a stream title. The segment was also paired with a rotating banner on stream and a link to a Bose headset in ludwig’s channel panels.

Placing second last week was another AT&T segment on shroud’s channel. Once again, the sponsored stream came during the Apex Legends AT&T Annihilator Cup. While Apex Legends isn’t the biggest battle royale game currently on the market, companies are able to leverage large streamers and events to still reach their desired audience on smaller games. This could also be beneficial within a strategy focused on saturating a specific game’s audience. It’s likely more difficult to saturate a game like League of Legends than it is Destiny 2 or Sea of Thieves. But, once implemented, then brands can have a foothold on certain sectors before the next adjustments to their strategies. AT&T is in the perfect position to secure themselves within the Apex Legends community if they haven’t already done so.

Lastly, TimTheTatman recently became the first brand ambassador for Herman Miller gaming. The chair company has extended itself into gaming peripherals and solidified its commitment via the partnership with Tim. Signing a brand ambassador, especially one with TimTheTatman’s status, is a huge step for Herman Miller. Not only does it bring the brand’s name to a new audience but it also lets gaming become more widely accepted. Live streaming and gaming is here to stay and partnerships with premium brands like Herman Miller cements the influence of the industry.

ludwig x Bose
  • The sponsored segment lasted 5 hours generating over 263K hours watched and peaked at 67K viewers.

shroud x AT&T
  • The 3-hour sponsored stream reached 170K hours watched with a peak of 65K viewers. Combined with last week’s top #Ads of the Week segment, shroud and AT&T reached over 261K hours watched.

TimTheTatman x Herman Miller
  • TimTheTatman’s first sponsored stream as a Herman Miller ambassador produced 135K hours watched in 2 hours while averaging 58K viewers.

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