#Ads of the Week: ludwig, Trainwreckstv, & summit1g

Tl;dr: The latest top #Ads of the Week was led by ludwig, Trainwreckstv, and summit1g in partnership with Bose, Stake, and Enlisted.
#Ads of th Week - April 12-18, 2021

Last week’s top #Ads of the Week was once again led by ludwig. The streamer’s subathon proved to be wildly successful leading brands to jump on the opportunity to partner with him. The latest top sponsored segment on ludwig’s stream before the month-long broadcast ended was another Bose campaign. In addition to ludwig donning the company’s latest noise cancelling headphones, a panel in ludwig’s channel description is dedicated to the partnership. With gaming becoming more and more mainstream, companies like Bose are positioning themselves to reach the new market. Although Bose isn’t endemic like Turtle Beach or ASTRO, they’re leveraging influencers to create awareness for their gaming product lines.

Trainwreckstv placed second on the list due to a sponsored stream with Stake, a bitcoin gambling site. The segment featured Trainwreckstv playing various games on Stake.com while promoting his discount code. The recent buzz around cryptocurrency, especially within a tech-savvy audience, lends itself to a perfect live streaming activation. Streamers get to gamble while the low intensity game allows for more engagement with chat. The campaign is a win-win for both the streamer and Stake as gambling games become even more popular on Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

Lastly, summit1g teamed up to showcase new gameplay for Enlisted, a massively multiple online first person shooter (MMO FPS) currently in open beta testing. Often, smaller publishers may work with big streamers for their thoughts, commentary, and reactions to the new game. A stamp of approval by someone like summit1g goes a long way for the initial success of the title. However, it can also backfire if the feedback from the streamer isn’t as positive. The potential reach is often worth the risk resulting in these playthroughs from large influencers.

ludwig x Bose

  • The sponsored segment lasted 4 hours generating 200K hours watched and peaked at 59K viewers.

Trainwreckstv x Stake

  • The 13-hour sponsored stream reached 116K hours watched with a peak of 12K viewers. The low average viewership of 9K viewers generated substantial hours watched due to the length of the stream.

summit1g x Enlisted

  • summit1g’s sponsored stream with Enlisted produced 115K hours watched in 4.5 hours while averaging 24K viewers.

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