This week’s #Ads of the Week was dominated by endemic video games sponsoring streamers. xQcOW took the top spots with two of his streams this week, both sponsored by Call of Duty: Warzone. He had 298,000 and 283,000 hours watched on his two sponsored streams this week. While xQcOW is most known for his GTA V and Just Chatting streams, his COD: Warzone streams garnered more hours watched than his other content last week.

In third place for top ads on Twitch last week was Fextralife for the second week in a row with Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. Their stream this week reached 197,000 hours watched, just 23k shy of their sponsored stream last week. The sponsored stream with Guild Wars 2 this week was Fextralife’s top stream of the week, and garnered almost 50k peak concurrent viewers. 

Game publishers can tap into a market of Twitch viewers when they sponsor streamers who play games similar to theirs. To learn more about the correlation between video game viewers and players, download Stream Hatchet’s report. To learn more about how Stream Hatchet can help you sponsor the right streamers for your game, contact us!