This week’s #Ads of the Week leaderboard features stylishnoob4 with Gillette, Zizaran with Lenovo, and kingfufruitcup with Samsung!

Sylishnoob4 had 77k hours watched on his sponsored stream from Gillette as a part of the Gillette Gaming Alliance. The GGA is in its fourth consecutive year, bringing together a team of gamers to create content around Gillette products. Streamers not only stream their primary games with the Gillette logo on screen, but also create content for the product. They review their shaving routines while running giveaways for viewers who purchase Gillette products.

Stylishnoob4, a Japanese streamer, is one of 11 content creators in the Gillette Gaming Alliance. The GGA has streamers from all around the world to expand their reach to viewers across the globe. The streamers from these countries can create content specific to their countries’ languages and cultures. This will help Gillette create highly personalized content for their prospective customers and gain brand trust. 

In second place this week was Zizaran with his sponsored stream with Lenovo. Zizaran, a Path of Exile Twitch streamer, has consistently partnered with Lenovo to promote their products. This is not their first time on our #Ads of the Week leaderboard. His stream on Friday the 13th was specifically for the Lenovo Legion, a crossover with the new POE Sentinel release. The stream garnered 55k hours watched and 16.3k peak concurrent viewers. 

Partnering with popular content creators during game release dates is an effective way for brands to activate and get the most eyes on your product. 

Finally in third place this week is kungfufruitcup with Samsung. Their stream received almost 40k hours watched and had almost 20k peak concurrent viewers. Samsung partnered with three streamers last week, including kungfufruitcup, to promote their new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phone. The content creators showed off the phone, then played one of their primary games to demonstrate its capabilities.

Once again, doing unique activations like Samsung on live streaming platforms is a super effective way to promote your brand with video game viewers. While having a logo up on screen can help brand awareness, having influencers demonstrate your product on screen or talk about your product with their viewers is a great way to gain trust with consumers.

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