#Ads of the Week: November 1st – 7th, 2021

Tl;dr: The latest #Ads of the Week featuring LIRIK, fps_shaka, and Fextralife in partnership with Lost Ark and Resident Evil 4!

The most recent #Ads of the Week was controlled by two games: Lost Ark and Resident Evil 4. In a release-heavy Q4, many games will likely leverage influencer marketing via streamers to reach their target audience. However, cutting through all the other advertisement will be the challenge for new games.

Resident Evil 4, a game originally launched in 2005, has taken the approach of re-releasing with VR capabilities on the Oculus Quest 2. The innovation of updating a GameCube game to be compatible with today’s technology is unique. It allows both fans of the Resident Evil series as well as those with VR headsets to enjoy the game. Not to mention, the holidays are a big season for VR headsets which could boost the sale of compatible games.

Lost Ark, a MMORPG game, also held successful sponsored streams with LIRIK and Fextralife. Lost Ark originally released in Korea in 2019 but has finally made it’s way to North America this past week. The NA closed beta began on November 4th and will continue until the 11th before ending. In today’s current game climate, MMORPG’s are incredibly popular. But, with the popularity, comes immense competition; especially with the release of New World a few weeks ago becoming one of the largest game launches on live streaming platforms ever. If the success of Lost Ark in Korea can be maintained in NA, the game could be a worthy opponent to New World and others within the genre.

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