#Ads of the Week: October 19th – October 25th

Amazon takes the top spot with another watch party beating out Verizon and OMEN segments.

AyyTrae was the latest streamer partnered with Amazon to promote their latest Original Series: Welcome to the Blumhouse. The trillion dollar company has seen continued success with these easy, unique campaigns. The hardest part is choosing the right streamers to work with to reach the target audience but AyyTrae proved to be another great fit with the audience generated. Verizon teamed up with Becca for awareness of their 5G services while Teamfight Tactics gameplay was on stream. Rounding out the top three was OMEN who partnered with Kamet0 while the streamer played Among Us, the hottest trend of the past few weeks.

AyyTrae x Amazon

  • AyyTrae was able to generate about 180K hours watched during the 5 hour sponsored segment.
  • The watch party held an average audience of over 37K viewers and peaked at about 53K.

Becca x Verizon

  • Becca was responsible for the highest peak audience on the list with about 103K viewers tuning in to watch TFT matches and chat about LoL: Wild Rift.
  • Verizon leveraged Becca’s audience to hit 148K hours watched in just over 2 hours of airtime.

Kamet0 x OMEN

  • Kamet0 is the latest streamer to make the list while playing Among Us and was able to produce 138K hours watched over a 4 hour sponsored segment.
  • The stream also generated 31K average viewers in addition to a 39K peak.