The October horror game trend is back, G FUEL notches another top three finish, and Genshin Impact debuts on stream.

The first days of October come out with a strong #ad performance from auronplay, NICKMERCS, and Rubius; all of whom had endemic partners for their sponsored segments. Every October brings around both new and old playthroughs of horror games and this year is no different. Although the popular horror game Dying Light was released in 2015, the title was used to generate awareness for the series via auronplay’s stream ahead of its upcoming sequel Dying Light 2. G FUEL continues to work with NICKMERCS as the two entities have created incredible viewership in the past and this time around also stays the course. Lastly, Rubius was one of the few streamers officially partnered with Genshin Impact to play the newly released game during a #ad. The next few weeks will tell if the title is just a fad or if it truly has staying power as a top game heading into Q4.

auronplays x Dying Light

  • The Dying Light stream generated 300K hours watched and peaked at about 93K viewers on auronplay’s stream.
  • As we get closer to Halloween, expect to see more horror games to top the charts!


  • G FUEL is leaning on NICKMERCS again but their campaigns seem to always create incredible viewership.
  • The sponsored segment reached 262K hours watched with an average of over 52K viewers watching throughout the 5 hour stream.

Rubius x Genshin Impact

  • Genshin Impact released on September 28th and generated a buzz around the streaming world as a free-to-play RPG game.
  • Rubius was one of the few lucky streamers to work with Genshin Impact to stream the game for a #ad which accumulated 205K hours watched and 91K average viewers!