#Ads of the Week: xQcOW & Trainwreckstv

Tl;dr: The latest top #Ads of the Week was led by xQcOW and Trainwreckstv in partnership with Stake which claimed every spot on this week's list!
#Ads of the Week: April 26 - May 3

For the third consecutive week, Stake is leading the #Ads of the Week leaderboards. Not only are they on top again, but this time, Stake secured all three spots on the list. Leveraging xQcOW and Trainwreckstv has proven to be successful with substantial viewership. Clearly, audiences seem to love watching the highs and lows of gambling with their favorite streamers.

Stake is taking a more aggressive marketing approach with a plethora of sponsored segments over the past few weeks. However, the campaigns are centered around popular streamers located in the U.S. But because of gambling laws, Stake isn’t available to consumers in the U.S. Those wanting to use Stake must use a VPN to alter the location of their IP address so they can enter the site. This calls into question Stake’s strategy of targeting a U.S. audience. If the goal is to reach the gaming and live streaming community, other live streaming platforms besides Twitch might be better distribution channels. Both YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming have a more global presence while still reaching similar user markets. Other live streaming platforms would likely produce similar campaign results and Stake could reach audiences that would more easily convert to users.

xQcOW x Stake

  • Combined, the two xQcOW sponsored segments reached over 475K total hours watched. The streams also generated a peak of 131K viewers while also averaging 116K viewers.

Trainwreckstv x Stake

  • The 8-hour sponsored stream reached 208K hours watched with a peak of 35K viewers, an increase of 7K from the previous week. This was Trainwreckstv’s third consecutive Stake campaign to make the #Ads of the Week.

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