Monster Hunter: World is the New Trend You Don’t Want To Miss

Monster Hunter: World, released in 2018, is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in the video game and live streaming community. In the last 30 days, the game has hit its highest peak concurrent players on Steam with 163K players and counting. This is the highest it’s been since March 2020, several months after the Iceborne DLC was released. The game is simultaneously seeing increased success and popularity across live-streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Live-Streaming New Sensation

Stream Hatchet’s recent data shows an impressive trend. Over 6,050 unique channels on Twitch have streamed Monster Hunter: World in the past 30 days. This is up nearly 200% from 2,053 at the beginning of December 2023.

Building Anticipation for Monster Hunter: Wilds

Launching the #ReturntoWorld campaign during the holiday season, Capcom made a strategic move. With fewer new releases in the action-adventure and RPG genres, MHW emerged as a go-to option for gamers seeking new adventures. This period usually sees a spike in gaming activity, and Capcom’s campaign tapped into this trend effectively, while discounting the price of the base game plus its DLC.

The Game Awards announcement of Monster Hunter: Wilds on December 7th further boosted the excitement. Since the announcement, viewership of Monster Hunter: World has grown over 300% across major live-streaming platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Kick, and Steam. This reveal generated significant buzz, drawing players back to Monster Hunter World to revisit the saga or experience it for the first time. The campaign’s goal is to have players ready for Monster Hunter: Wilds, which will release in 2025.

Streaming and Community Engagement Drive Popularity

Live-streaming has played a crucial role in the resurgence of Monster Hunter: World. Twitch streamers have amplified the game’s popularity, showcasing its rich gameplay and engaging communities worldwide. 

Known for his devotion to RPGs and MMORPGs, Asmongold averaged 37K viewers during this 30-day period on his MHW streams. The game is also attracting a worldwide audience; half of the top 10 streamers are English-speaking, 3 are from Japan, 1 from China, and 1 from Spain.


In the ever-shifting landscape of gaming, Monster Hunter: World has surged back into the spotlight, captivating Twitch streamers and viewers. This resurgence demonstrates both the game’s lasting appeal and Capcom’s effective marketing strategies. Monster Hunter: World serves as a fascinating case study in strategic marketing, community engagement, and the influence of live streaming platforms in the gaming industry. Capcom’s effective use of nostalgia, combined with the natural increase in gaming activity during the holiday season and the anticipation of a new title, has propelled ‘Monster Hunter: World’ back into the limelight. As excitement builds for Monster Hunter: Wilds, the Monster Hunter saga continues to captivate gamers globally.

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