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CazéTV Highest Peak in 2024 So Far

As we delve into the world of live-streaming, a name that emerges at the zenith is CazéTV, particularly within the sports genre in Brazil. 

So far in 2024, CazéTV has the record for the highest peak viewership across live-streaming with 3.7 million viewers. This record was secured during a broadcast of the 2024 Campeonato Paulista, São Paulo’s top professional football league.

Casimiro Miguel (CazéTV on YouTube) is the sports hero for Brazilian audiences in live-streaming, and isn’t a stranger to garnering huge audiences for sports content. In 2022, he streamed the entire FIFA World Cup on his YouTube channel and reached a peak of 6M viewers during the match between Brazil and Croatia. On his Twitch channel, he only streamed Brazil’s matches.

So far in 2024, CazéTV has generated 30M hours watched with over 6.2K hours of airtime, with most of his content consisting of football matches. An average of 287K viewers tune in consistently to watch his channel, indicating the huge demand for sports content in the Portuguese-speaking community.

Casimiro also offers a members-only experience to those who are willing to pay for exclusive content on his YouTube channel. His repertoire of content ranges from football to MMA fights to Olympic sports.

This channel’s remarkable achievement is significant for several reasons. It underlines the growing trend of sports enthusiasts seeking real-time content and the platform’s ability to cater to this demand with high-quality streaming. CazéTV’s success reflects the channel’s deep understanding of its audience, delivering the sporting events they are passionate about.

So far in 2024, CazéTV is the channel with the highest peak viewership across all platforms. With a record-breaking 3.7 million peak viewers, CazéTV is not just leading the charts, but is transforming the sports live-streaming landscape on YouTube Live and other platforms.

Most of CazéTV’s viewership comes from football matches, with the 3.7M peak occurring during the Corinthians vs São Paulo game on January 30th. The top 5 streams of the channel in 2024 are also football matches, despite him streaming other sports as well.

Moreover, the channel’s top performance emphasizes the vitality of the sports category in the live-streaming ecosystem. It signifies a shift in how viewers consume sports—moving away from traditional broadcasting towards digital platforms that offer immediacy and accessibility.

Expect more of Casimito this 2024 since CazéTV will have the rights to broadcast all 25 games of the FIFA Eurocup 2024

CazéTV’s figures outpace competitors by a large margin, setting a new standard for live-streaming and sports content creation. This channel’s dominance in peak viewers on YouTube marks a milestone in live broadcast viewership and highlights the potential for growth in this genre. As we look ahead, CazéTV’s trajectory sets an exciting precedent for the future of sports broadcasting in the digital age.

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