eRacing Trends in 2020

Tl;dr: SimRacing games like F1 and iRacing are reaching new heights in Video Game Streaming.

Video game genres rise and fall as new trends or externalities run through the industry. Over the past few months, there has been a growing interest for simulated racing games.

Some of the genre’s tournaments even reached over 60k peak viewers. As various games jockey for market share of the simulated racing trend, Stream Hatchet investigates month-over-month growth of hours watched across several titles.

  • While most of the sampled Racing Simulator games increased in hours watched since the beginning of the year, F1 2019 had the highest growth at a rate of 1,061%.
  • iRacing generated the most hours watched over the last three months out of the sampled games at 2.95 million.
  • The lack of traditional televised racing due to COVID-19 is likely playing a large role in simulated racing interest, especially over the past few weeks.

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