Gaules PGL Co-Stream Fuels Red Bull Exposure

The PGL Major Antwerp CS:GO tournament ended last weekend and racked up some incredible stats on live streaming platforms. Gaules, the popular Brazilian streamer, co-streamed the entirety of the tournament on Twitch, and broke some of his own viewership records.

The PGL tournament as a whole on live streaming saw about 60 million hours watched. On Gaules’ channel alone, fans watched 18 million hours over the 2-week tournament, or a third of the total hours watched. The official PGL Twitch channel had 14.3 million hours watched, or about 3.7 million hours fewer than Gaules. 

On May 16th, Gaules broke his record peak concurrent viewership with 684k viewers. Additionally, fans sent 3.2 million chat messages over the entire tournament on Gaules’s channel for an engagement rate of 9.3%.

Red Bull Brand Exposures During PGL Major

Red Bull, a major sponsor in the esports industry, was one of the top brands seen on screen during the PGL Major this month. During the course of the tournament, the Red Bull logo got 589 brand exposures on Gaules’s channel during his co-stream. That equates to 39.2 million impressions

Many of these impressions came from the Red Bull logo on team Furia’s jerseys. On May 17th, Gaules streamed the G2 vs. Furia match, which was his third most-watched segment over the whole tournament. That match alone generated 1 million hours watched, and at the height of the match, 419k concurrent viewers were watching.

Gaules is an extremely engaging streamer who entertains his fans and draws viewers to watch CS:GO content. Working with a popular streamer like Gaules was clearly a powerful way for brands and tournament organizers to help increase viewership and impressions during an esports tournament. 

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