GVC Top Ten: January 11th – January 17th

Tl;dr: Rust holds on to first place but Just Chatting is close behind and League Of Legends esports begin their new season.

Although Rust saw a slight decline in viewership, it was still able to maintain the most watched category last week. League Of Legends climbed back into the top three with the return of the game’s esports leagues but still fell short of Just Chatting in second place. There were no new games appearing in the top ten from the week prior but a few big changes were made, especially with Escape From Tarkov falling from third to tenth. The trend of big streamers all playing the same game continues to dominate the market but Rust may have already reached its peak heading into the end of January; making room for the usual suspects of Just Chatting, League Of Legends, and others to close the gap and reclaim the first place.

Top Growing Titles:

  • League Of Legends jumped 29% in total hours watched after the return of the LCS, LEC, and the other global leagues. Expect LoL to continue to climb due to the influx of scheduled content and hype around its esports scene.
  • COD: Warzone reached 22M hours watched after an increase of 6% in total viewership.
  • Fortnite rose 5% to 27M hours watched while also hitting a peak of 1.2M viewers.

Top Declining Titles:

  • Escape From Tarkov fell 65% in hours watched in the aftermath of a popular two week stretch.
  • Minecraft declined 23% to 19M hours watched but still managed to reach 0.7M peak viewers.
  • Rust, although still the most watched category, dropped 14% in hours watched. The trend may be coming to an end but Rust could hold on a little longer with 63M hours watched last week.