HasanAbi Raises Over $1,000,000 for Turkey-Syria Earthquake Charity

Popular live streaming creator, HasanAbi, has raised over $1 million for the Turkey-Syria earthquake relief effort after several days of live streaming on Twitch.

Turkey-Syria Earthquake

On Feb 6, 2023 Turkey and Syria were hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8. The earthquake is reported to be the worst since 1939. So far there have been reports of tens and thousands being injured, and over 15,000 fatalities. 

HasanAbi Raises $1,000,000 for Charity

HasanAbi, one of the most popular live streamers across all platforms in 2022, went live on his Twitch channel to raise awareness for the earthquake. Hasan provided his audience with news and information as to what was happening during his stream, as well as directing his audience to where they can donate to support the rescue efforts. 

HasanAbi is not only one of the largest streamers in the world, but he has also made politics the cornerstone of his content. This has created many supporters, but also makes him subject to more criticism than the average streamer. Within the first 15 minutes of his livestream Hasan was able to raise over $150,000 for charity, however controversy struck when he hit $300,000.

Popular YouTube Gaming live streamer iShowSpeed revealed his plans to support Hasanabi’s charity livestream by donating $50,000. However, due to donations from his viewers telling him that Hasan’s charity was a scam, Speed decided not to donate to the charity. This controversy was the catalyst that triggered Hasan’s peak viewership of 82K concurrent viewers.

Hasan’s Previous Charity Streams

Hasan streamed 3 times this week to raise money for the Turkey-Syria earthquake relief effort. During these streams, Hasan generated over 1.2M hours watched and reached a peak viewership of 82K viewers all in under 24 hours of airtime, and raised over a million dollars. He also donated $45K himself, and other popular live streaming creators followed suit.

Hasan has a history of supporting charitable causes around the world. Back in February 2022, Hasan was one of the largest streamers supporting Ukraine Charities to help Ukrainians during the onset of the war. During his broadcast he was able to raise over $226K for CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund.

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