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Just Chatting Continues to Increase Market Share in 2020

Graph of Just Chatting's growth in 2020

Twitch’s Just Chatting category has grown 130% in total hours watched so far in 2020.

This week, Stream Hatchet analyzed one of the fastest growing categories on Twitch: Just Chatting. Streams within the category range from casual conversations before streamers switch to playing a game or experiencing life events with various influencers. Since its creation in 2018, Just Chatting has been among the top games year-over-year with massive growth in 2020, much of which came from the impact of COVID-19 on the streaming industry. 

  • Just Chatting grew 130% in 2020 from 88M hours watched in January to 203M hours watched in October. 
  • In Q3 2020, Just Chatting generated about 522M hours watched placing it second behind League of Legends with 543M cross-platform hours watched.
  • The growth of Just Chatting becomes more remarkable considering it is a category solely on Twitch whereas other games benefit from streams across all platforms. If other platforms outside of Twitch weren’t included, Just Chatting would be over 100M hours watched ahead of League of Legends in Q3 2020.

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