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Jynxzi’s Rainbow Six Siege World Cup Streaming Performance

Jynxzi has been on a hot streak, leaping from event to event with his high-energy personality and expert analysis of games. Chief among these is his love for Rainbow Six Siege, for which he acted as an official co-streamer during the R6 Invitational earlier this year. Continuing his dedication to the cause, Jynxzi hosted his own R6 World Cup event on the 25th of May on his Twitch channel.

The event featured eight teams from around the world, including England, France, USA, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Wales, and Italy. Due to the global nature of the event, Jynxzi hyped up the tournament more than his typical weekend R6 tournaments with the hope of standing out from the crowd. It’s worth looking at how this inaugural edition of the Jynxzi World Cup fared to determine if there may be similar events in the future.

The USA Draws the Biggest Viewership for Jynxzi’s R6 World Cup

Despite the grand title of “World Cup”, the event was streamed over just seven hours. Despite the relatively short airtime, Jynxzi’s World Cup generated 422K hours watched with a peak viewership of 87K. Even more impressively, the multi-national crowd drove up the number of unique viewers tuning into the stream, clocking in at 259K. Across the event, 12.5% of these viewers participated in chat by barracking for their national team.

The most popular team was the United States, as was to be expected being Jynxzi’s home country. Between the two semi-finals, the USA vs. Wales match brought in a slightly higher average minute viewership (AMA) than the France vs. Italy match, at 61K and 58K respectively. However, this boost may actually be due to Wales competing, considering that the semi-final brought in higher viewership across the board than the France vs. USA grand final. In the end, France went on to win the Cup and claim glory for their country.

Jynxzi’s World Cup is one more in a wave of self-made competitions that ruled live-streaming platforms throughout May. With a framework now in place for this kind of event, Jynxzi might host more of his own events in the future. He may even branch out to large-scale events like ibai did with the Kings League and Kings World Cup. Stream Hatchet will watch to see if Jynxzi expands his plans in the future.

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