This week’s live streaming ads of the week were dominated by game partners, including The Quarry and Veiled Experts.

In first place was Squeezie with his partnered stream with the new game, The Quarry. His sponsored stream garnered 133k hours watched with a peak concurrent viewership of 35.1k. Released on Friday, June 10th, The Quarry is the newest game from 2K Games. Often compared to Until Dawn, The Quarry is a survival horror game where the player has to make choices that could lead to their character’s death. 

The Quarry also had the second top sponsored stream of the week, with CohhCarnage. His stream reached 64.8k hours watched with a peak viewership of 21.6k viewers. CohhCarnage is a great choice for game publishers to work with, as he plays and reviews a wide variety of games and gets great engagement with his audience. Cohh talks through his playthrough of a game, and is both pragmatic and entertaining in his approach to a new game.

With the release of the game and through sponsoring several large streamers, The Quarry was able to hit the 15th top game spot this week with 9.5 million hours watched. While single-player narrative storyline games don’t tend to last at the top spots, sponsoring several large streamers as 2K did was a good way to get the game out in front of a bunch of gamers eyes. 

Game Publisher Marketing Strategy

When thinking about marketing your new game, influencer discovery and management must be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. Working with the right content creators who will both enjoy and promote your game is a great way to get user generated content that seems natural and that live streaming fans will trust. 

Stream Hatchet has a great influencer discovery tool that lets you find the perfect content creator for your game, with personality type, preferred games, and live streaming stats all in one place. Filter for your preferred influencer type, then click on their contact card to contact them directly from the app. You can also manage your influencer teams in our Teams tool, and deploy logo campaigns to their channels right from our app. 

Stream Hatchet’s Influencer Discovery Tool

Drop us a line to learn more about how Stream Hatchet can help optimize your marketing campaigns! 

Veiled Experts Takes Third Place

In third place for live streaming ads of the week was shroud with another game, Veiled Experts. His stream garnered 51.6k hours watched with a peak viewership of 29.8k. Veiled Experts is a new strategy action third person shooter from Nexon Games, currently in an open beta test period. Nexon enabled drops during this period for a handful of streamers, which is a good strategy to help boost live streaming hours watched for a new game. 

Nexon’s current most popular game in live streaming is the MMORPG Maple Story; can Veiled Experts find success in their new TPS among streamers and fans alike with Veiled Experts? 

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