Mobile & The Esports Market Segment

Tl;dr: Are mobile esports the next big thing? Where are viewers consuming the content?
a graph showing the top mobile events of 2019 on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook

It’s no secret that the revenues associated with the mobile games market represent a significant chunk of the broader video games industry. According to App Annie, mobile gaming revenues have actually surpassed all other forms of gaming.

But what about the esports industry? When marketers and professionals think of integrating into esports properties they’re much more likely to think of League of Legends, Rainbow 6, or Call of Duty before PUBG Mobile or Arena of Valor.

This week, we’re highlighting the mobile esports market segment to shine some light on a few under looked opportunities. Here are the top ten mobile esports events of 2019.

  • The top 10 mobile events of the year accumulated over 75 million hours watched with an overwhelming majority of that viewership coming from YouTube Gaming.
  • PUBG Mobile was responsible for 2 of the top 5 events and 3 out of the top 10 in total. Combined, PUBG Mobile generated about 30% of the total hours watched across the top mobile events of 2019.
  • While Twitch dominates non-mobile esports viewership in North America, it falls short when it comes to mobile. YouTube Gaming has been the predominant platform as Facebook also generates sizeable audiences both domestically and globally.

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