With FIFA21 releasing last week on October 6th, it has generated a significant amount of hours watched. Last week proved to be the game’s best week on stream yet as it placed 10th overall in hours watched with 18M. Many of the top FIFA 21 streamers came from Europe but castro_1021, a US streamer took the crown for the most watched session last week. Although most of the game’s live content was on Twitch, YouTube Gaming still had 13.6% of the hours watched across the western platforms.

  • Popular streamer DjMaRiiO had the highest peak of 67.4K viewers while streaming on YouTube Gaming.
  • Korean streamers 한동숙 & 얍얍 combined for over 1M hours watched as the eastern audience continues to expand to Twitch and YouTube Gaming.
  • EliasN97 generated the most hours watched on YouTube Gaming with over 373K hours.