TL;DR: Sony’s PlayStation exclusive games often generate high peak viewership. TLOU2, Death Stranding, and Ghost of Tsushima had the highest peaks all time.

SONY and Playstation have long been known for its impressive collection of console exclusive titles ranging from superhero classics like Spider-Man, to historical fictions like God of War & Ghost of Tsushima, to complex stories like Death Stranding and the Last of Us. Today SONY announces its latest slate of games during a live stream that will be played across the various platforms. Stream Hatchet has investigated the historical performance of its top IP on streaming platforms ranked by peak viewers. The Top 5 Games are:

  • The Last of Us Part II Generated 3/4ths of a million viewers across all streaming platforms at its peak. While this game is the conclusion of the franchise, performance like this may incentivise SONY to produce spin off titles.
  • Death Stranding hits a close 2nd with just under 600,000 concurrent viewers. The game featured former Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus, and transported us to a mysterious post apocalyptic future where the player aims to connect the remaining fragments of society. 
  • Ghosts of Tsushima comes in 3rd with nearly 400,000 concurrent viewers. The Ninja / Samurai simulator, which release last month has already outpaced many of SONY’s other key titles. Impressive stats without any DLC.