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2023 Video Game And Live-Streaming Trends Report

Our 2023 Video Game and Live-Streaming trends report reveals key insights into the live-streaming and gaming industry, noting a stabilization in viewership with 38.3 billion hours watched, matching 2020’s figures. The report highlights the rise of platforms like Kick and AfreecaTV, growth in esports viewership by 9%, and the impact of simulcasting on audience sizes. Facebook’s decline among top platforms and the increasing popularity of non-gaming content are also noted. Key trends include the continued dominance of first-person shooters, a significant growth in YouTube Gaming viewership, and the emergence of new top games like Diablo IV.

Stabilization in Viewership

The report notes that the live-streaming industry has seen a stabilization in viewership, with a total of 38.3 billion hours watched. This figure is significant as it matches the peak viewership levels previously recorded in 2020, indicating a plateau following the explosive growth during the pandemic years.

Rise of New Platforms

Emerging platforms such as Kick and AfreecaTV have shown remarkable growth, indicating a diversification in the live-streaming ecosystem. This growth suggests that audiences are exploring beyond traditional giants, seeking new content and communities.

Esports Viewership Growth

Esports continues to command a significant and growing audience, with viewership increasing by 9% over the year. This growth underscores the enduring appeal of competitive gaming and its importance within the broader live-streaming landscape.

Simulcasting’s Impact

The practice of simulcasting, where content is broadcast across multiple platforms simultaneously, has been highlighted as a key factor in expanding audience sizes. This strategy allows creators to reach viewers across different platforms, enhancing visibility and engagement.

Decline of Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming has experienced a decline, falling out of the top platforms for live-streaming. This shift reflects changing preferences and the competitive dynamics within the live-streaming space.

Non-Gaming Content Popularity

The report also points out the increasing popularity of non-gaming content, suggesting a broadening of the live-streaming appeal to include a wider variety of interests and topics beyond traditional gaming.

First-Person Shooters Dominance

First-person shooters remain the most popular genre within gaming streams, dominating viewer preferences. This genre’s continued popularity highlights its compelling nature and the strong community around competitive shooters.

YouTube Gaming’s Growth

YouTube Gaming has seen significant viewership growth, indicating its rising prominence as a platform for gaming content. This growth is reflective of YouTube’s efforts to enhance its gaming offerings and community features.

Emergence of New Top Games

New games such as Diablo IV have made a strong entry into the top-ranked games on streaming platforms. The emergence of new titles in the top ranks signifies the dynamic nature of gamer interests and the constant evolution of the gaming landscape.

The 2023 Video Game and Live-Streaming trends report underscores the live-streaming industry’s resilience and evolution, showcasing a stabilization in viewership, the ascendancy of emerging platforms, and the diversification of content beyond gaming.

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