Last week, the Gillette Gaming Alliance dominated the sponsored campaign market on Twitch by securing the top three most watched sponsored streams. The announcement of Gillette’s new partners alanzoka, dogdog, and DrLupo generated substantial viewership. A large part of Gillette’s campaign was providing free bits (Twitch’s in-platform currency used to donate and unlock channel emotes) with the purchase of Gillette products by using promo code “Bits4Blades” at checkout. Stream Hatchet took a deeper dive into Gillette’s activations to better understand how they controlled the market last week.

While Gillette’s newest campaign in gaming appears to be pretty simplistic, their plan was well calculated and executed to generate such success. Although alanzoka, dogdog, and DrLupo are all popular Twitch streamers, they all have very different audiences. Gillette understood that these three streamers reach different markets which would prevent severe viewership overlap; something detrimental to a campaigns total reach.

To provide a little more detail, alanzoka is a Portugese streamer who streams a variety of games. From FPS titles like Apex Legends and Call of Duty to unique games like Raft and Death Stranding or even using his channel to just converse with his audience, alanzoka usually generates hefty viewership. In Gillette’s eyes, they were able to use an international streamer to reach new markets outside of the U.S. while reaching various submarkets since alanzoka streams a variety of games. Contributing almost 84k hours watched to the campaign is a feat in itself but Gillette still had more sponsored segments to add to the total via new audiences.

The next segment was with dogdog, a streamer for the Golden Guardians, the Golden State Warriors esports organization. While his sponsored stream generated nearly 55k hours watched, dogdog’s audience likely varies dramatically from alanzoka’s. With dogdog’s affiliation with the Golden Guardians, Gillette was able to expand into the competitive esports market and a new game — Hearthstone. Apart from the extended reach, dogdog doubled down with the sponsor by using Gillette products to shave on stream during the campaign. By doing so, dogdog reached a new peak in 2020 of 20.8k concurrent viewers.
Lastly, DrLupo was responsible for 53.8k hours watched during his sponsored segment. Again, Gillette targeted a new game and audience as DrLupo has primarily been playing Fortnite and Escape from Tarkov as of late. His family friendly content likely results in a slightly younger audience; maybe those who are just starting to shave for the first time. The “Bits4Blades’ ‘ component also plays very well into DrLupo’s stream as he has run multiple campaigns with charities to drive donations towards a good cause. Although Gillette wasn’t running a charitable campaign, DrLupo sure knows how to drive sales towards his partners.
Gillette’s campaign was extremely successful based on market share of sponsored segments and should be studied by brands looking to run similar activations. With almost 200k hours watched just from these three streamers, Gillette rightfully secured the top sponsored brand of the week.