This week’s #Ads of the Week were dominated by several Fextralife streams and one from mikelabelle. Fextralife partnered with Playstation this week to promote Horizon Forbidden West, the newest in the Horizon series. 

Two of their sponsored streams hit 100k and 99k hours watched, topping the ads charts this week. Fextralife, a video game community stream known for playing big titles like Elden Ring and Lost Ark, was a perfect choice for Playstation to advertise Horizon Forbidden West with. 

Looking at hardcore Twitch viewers of Horizon Forbidden West, those who watched at least 50 hours of the game last month, almost 60% of those viewers also watched Elden Ring on Twitch. However, only 0.2% of hardcore Elden Ring viewers watched Horizon Forbidden West last month. This means there is a large, untapped market for Playstation to promote Horizon Forbidden West with Elden Ring streamers. In our audience analysis of both games, it’s obvious that hardcore fans of Horizon resonate with Elden Ring. Which means that fans of Elden Ring would most likely enjoy watching Horizon as well. 

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Coming in third place for #Ads of the Week is mikelabelle with a sponsorship from Adidas. Mikelabelle is a primarily Fifa streamer who played a FIFA22 match and hosted a giveaway for some Adidas branded MLS jerseys on stream. His sponsored stream garnered over 46,000 hours watched with a peak concurrent viewership of almost 20,000. 

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