#Ads of the Week: August 10th – August 16th

TL;DR: Sponsored segments of Hyper Scape and Risk of Rain 2 were the top #ads last week with some help from NICKMERCS, CohhCarnage, and DrLupo.

Top-tier streamers took the spotlight after partnering with two new games: Hyper Scape and Risk of Rain 2. For the first time in a few weeks, all the top #ads last week were endemic to the gaming industry whereas past weeks had brands like Bounty or State Farm soaking up some market share. With even more new releases coming up in Q4, we’ll likely see more sponsored segments of game launches and initial playthroughs.

NICKMERCS x Hyper Scape

  • NICKMERCS led all sponsored streams last week after generating 81k hours watched while playing Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape, a futuristic battle royale.
  • The stream averaged almost 35k viewers over the course of about 2 hours.

CohhCarnage x Risk of Rain 2

  • Risk of Rain 2 is a new roguelike third-person shooter from Hopoo Games. CohhCarnage streamed the new title for 4 hours on its launch day.
  • The sponsored segment generated 57k hours watched while Cohh brought in an average of 14k viewers!

DrLupo x Hyper Scape

  • DrLupo also held a sponsored Hyper Scape stream two days after NICKMERCS. Two of the top three sponsored segments last week bodes well for the total reach of the game.
  • With 44k hours watched and 22k average viewers, DrLupo secured the final spot of #ads of the week.