Uber Eats and Wendy’s secured two of the top three spots via a new campaign while Amazon was back again with another watch party.

The latest unique activation in gaming created five signature meals on the Wendy’s menu available for delivery via Uber Eats within the “Wendy’s Never Stops Gaming” campaign. Tfue, Flight, and three other streamers each had the chance to build a complete Wendy’s meal under their names. The crossover between meal delivery services and gaming reaches the perfect target audience so it shouldn’t be surprising to see this activation with two spots on the list. While McDonald’s partnered with Travis Scott and other celebrities for a similar custom meal idea, Wendy’s catered towards the gaming and live streaming community in an attempt to secure a different piece of the market share. Additionally, Amazon took to its live streaming platform, Twitch, to promote its newest original series on various channels via watch parties. This time around, The Wilds appeared on Cupahnoodle’s channel and drove impressive viewership for the streamer.

Tfue x Uber Eats / Wendy’s

  • Tfue reached 206K hours watched with a peak of 103K viewers over the course of the 3 hour sponsored stream.

Cupahnoodle x Amazon

  • Cupahnoodle’s watch party for The Wilds lasted 3.5 hours generating 172K hours watched and averaging 52K viewers.

Flight23white x Uber Eats / Wendy’s

  • Flight held the highest peak and average viewership on the list with 107K and 87K viewers respectively. The streamer also produced 159K hours watched in 2 hours.