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#Ads of the Week: January 31-February 6

graph of ads of the week - red background and white columns. lenovo's ad had 381,000 hours watched, Microsoft had 89,000 hours watched, and Pizza Hut had 45,000 hours watched.

The latest #Ads of the Week features sponsored streams from Lenovo, Microsoft, and Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut sponsored a stream with ShivFPS to promote their £5 Frenzy menu. ShivFPS hosted an Apex Legends community kill tournament, during which viewers could enter to win menu items from Pizza Hut. The stream received about 45,000 hours watched and Pizza Hut was mentioned in chat over 2,200 times. Despite having a lower watch time than the other activations, Pizza Hut’s sponsored stream with ShivFPS was more active. Fans talked about their product in the chat at a much higher rate than the other sponsored streams.

In second place, Microsoft’s sponsored stream with Dave_AoE garnered about 89K hours watched. Microsoft partnered with Dave to sponsor his Wandering Warriors Cup, an Age of Empires II tournament, offering $25,000 in cash prizes. The quarter, semi, and grand finals broadcasted live on Twitch last weekend; about 8,300 peak concurrent viewers tuned into the grand finals.

In first place by a large margin comes Lenovo’s sponsored stream with Zizaran with about 381,000 hours watched last week. Lenovo and Intel partnered with Zizaran to promote the launch of their new Legion gaming laptop. This sponsorship coincided with Path of Exile’s new Siege of the Atlas expansion, which allowed them to get in front of a giant audience. At its peak, over 20,000 peak concurrents tuned into Zizaran’s stream of the release! 

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