Chipotle secured a spot on #Ads of the Week for the second consecutive week as Plarium and Epic Games rounded out the top three sponsored streams.

The latest edition of #Ads of the Week featured sponsored streams that generated over 100k hours watched in just a few short hours. TimTheTatman, Agraelus, and Letshe were able to bring massive viewership for their partners while each streaming a different game. Brands that leverage both the audience of the streamer and the game being played will often see the most success in total reach.

TimTheTatman x Chipotle

  • TimTheTatman participated in the Chipotle Challenger Series Finals this past week as teams competed to take home $25,000 and free Chipotle burritos for one year.
  • The #ad that ran on Tim’s stream while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare generated about 113k hours watched while averaging just under 40k viewers over 3 hours.

Agraelus x Plarium

  • Czech streamer Agraelus partnered with Plarium, a mobile game developer, to promote their new title Vikings: War of Clans. Plarium is also the developers of the often advertised Raid: Shadow Legends game.
  • The 3 hour sponsored stream secured the second place spot this week with 107k hours watched as an average of 19k viewers were tuned in.

Letshe x Epic Games

  • Letshe, a professional Fortnite player for Team Atlantis, promoted his Epic Games code while playing in the Trio Cash Cup tournament last week. While many streamers advertise their codes on stream, Letshe was the leader of the bunch.
  • Teaming up with MrSavage and Benjy for the tournament, Letshe’s stream generated 86k hours watched and an average audience of 17k.