V Rising, Dislyte, and AT&T Fiber on Top for Live Streaming Ads

live streaming ads of the week may 14-20

This week’s live streaming Ads of the Week leaderboard was a close run between all three streamers, with two game sponsors and a non-endemic brand at the top.

In first place was loltyler1 with a sponsored stream from the new vampire survival game, V Rising, which garnered 54.8k hours watched. Developed and published by Stunlock Studios, V Rising was released on Steam on May 17th and quickly rose in the Steam charts. In its first week of release, the game has garnered just under 10 million hours watched across popular live streaming platforms.

Stunlock Studios strategically partnered with some streamers to promote the game, but even a number of top streamers started playing the game because of its initial hype. Shroud and Lirik, two non-sponsored streamers, have already garnered 700k and 260k respective hours watched while playing V Rising. Sponsoring smaller streamers with a different audience is a good move from Stunlock to help promote their game with an audience that might not be as aware of its release. Loltyler1 only has an 8% audience overlap with Shroud and 5% overlap with Lirik’s audience, making him a great sponsored streamer for V Rising.

CookSux took second place with another recently released game, Dislyte. The sponsored stream garnered 53.3k hours watched last week. Developed by Lilith Games, Dislyte is a mobile “pop fantasy” RPG. Their sponsored streams and abundant TikTok advertisements have helped boost the game on live streaming. In its first two weeks of release, the game has received over 280k hours watched across popular live streaming platforms. That’s more than double any of their other game releases. 

Finally, in third place this week was BrookeAB with a sponsored stream from AT&T Fiber. The Just Chatting sponsored segment received 49.8k hours watched. During the segment, Brooke took a look back and reacted to some of her old streams. The AT&T logo and branded banner were present during the whole stream and garnered approximately 3 million impressions!

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