#Ads of the Week: NICKMERCS, GMHikaru and CohhCarnage

Tl;dr: G FUEL partnered with NICKMERCS and GMHikaru generating impressive sponsored viewership totaling over 430K hours watched.
AOTW 2/22/21 - 2/28/21

G FUEL dominated the latest #Ads of the Week with the top two sponsored live streaming segments. The energy drink company is stretching across vastly different audiences between NICKMERCS and GMHikaru. However, the viewership generated is extremely impressive. NICKMERCS is one of the most established streamers and GMHikaru is one of the fastest growing. Combined, G FUEL has secured notable market share of both FPS and chess viewers.

Clearly, G FUEL has built a successful marketing strategy. But the company has taken a more widespread approach than some of its competitors. Red Bull has created a reputation to be an “elite” partnership often only working with top leagues or select influencers. While both strategies have their pros and cons, G FUEL managed to become the go-to energy drink for gamers. Even their tagline promotes them as “The Official Drink of Esports.” The next step for G FUEL is to create more unique campaigns driving incentives for viewers to tune in or original ways to interact directly with the audience.

Rounding out the top three #ads segments was CohhCarnage’s first look at Curse of the Dead Gods. The roguelike action game is officially out of early access and looked to leverage streamers for promotion. Curse of the Dead Gods could catapult into a trending game following the success of other roguelike titles like Hades. Although popular, they may have trouble stealing viewership for long periods of time; susceptible to becoming fads within the community. But if CohhCarnage and other streamers conitnue to generate solid viewership, the games may stick around for longer than originally thought.

  • Nick reached 351K hours watched streaming to an average of 59K viewers during a G FUEL sponsored segment.

GMHikaru x G FUEL
  • Hikaru generated 79K hours watched and reached a peak of over 70K viewers! Chess content on live streaming platforms has been trending with GMHikaru and a few others growing quickly.

CohhCarnage x Curse of the Dead Gods
  • CohhCarnage’s playthrough produced 78K hours watched with a peak of over 17K viewers.

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