#Ads of the Week: September 6th – 12th, 2021

Tl;dr: The latest #Ads of the Week featuring GTAWiseGuy and NordVPN! The duo combined to hold the top three spots last week!

GTAWiseGuy and NordVPN dominated last week’s #Ads of the Week. The growing streamer is a leader in GTA V content on Twitch, one of the top genres on the platform. NordVPN is leveraging both the streamer and genre to reach a sizeable live streaming target audience. GTAWiseGuy is an ideal partner for the VPN service because of his tech savvy community and experience in technology development. The streamer is a developer for NoPixel, the extremely popular GTA V role play server, giving insight into what goes on behind the scenes to maintain and update the server in addition to regular role play content.

NordVPN working with a streamer that has such a technical background only created better brand affinity. GTAWiseGuy’s audience is likely to trust his opinions when it comes to tech services like VPNs. However, NordVPN is no stranger to live streaming partnerships and have been featured in #Ads of the Week a few times before. The online nature of streaming is ideal for VPN sponsored segments making integration into streaming audiences pretty seamless. VPN services will likely continue to use streamers to promote their products but will continue to activate in creative ways to stay top of mind.

GTAWiseGuy x NordVPN

  • Combined, the three sponsored streams reached 542K hours watched while averaging just under 14K viewers!

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