#Ads of the Week: Trainwreckstv & Asmongold

Tl;dr: Trainwreckstv and sponsor Stake.com were back on top in the latest #Ads of the Week.

The latest #Ads of the Week features returning Stake.com partner Trainwreckstv securing two of the three #ads spots. Popular World of Warcraft streamer and One True King (OTK) co-founder Asmongold and sponsor Compare.com secured the second spot with Games for Love charity stream. Games for Love is a nonprofit dedicated to creating a sustainable financial future for children who are suffering from life-threatening conditions. The event was made possible by Softgiving, an event organizer who brought Asmongold, Games For Love, and Compare.com together and orchestrated the activation. The two-day charity stream raised over $600,000. Asmongold’s channel kicked off the stream and raised $382,413. Additionally, OTK member Mizkif ended the stream with an auction event where viewers could bid on items like OTK posters and Pokemon cards.

OTK and Games for Love have partnered together for past charity streams. Early this year, OTK held a two-day charity stream from March 21st-22nd, 2021. Over $600,000 was raised, with their $400,000 goal donated during the first day. For each milestone reached, OTK members would complete certain tasks, such as an Easter Egg hunt. Similar to the June charity campaign, Asmongold began the event with a fundraiser on his channel. The following day, Mizkif concluded the charity stream with a Pokemon card unboxing. All of the packs opened went to viewers. 

Trainwreckstv x Stake.com

  • Combined, his Stake.com streams for this week’s #ads generated over 760K hours watched. Both Stake streams were over 10 hours long, with his June 25th Stake.com stream over 16 hours long.

Asmongold x Compare.com

  • Asmongold’s charity stream reached a peak viewership of 71K. He was forced to delete his WoW Paladin character when the donations reached $250,000 in one day.

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